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Based in Mirabel, Complexe Automobile MS specializes in rustproofing treatments for all vehicles.

Use of Paraffin-based Rustproofing products

Protect your car's bodywork from salt, sand and corrosion this winter. Call us and benefit from our excellent rustproofing service. We use an effective paraffin-based product. The coating we use does not run, does not alter the body of your vehicle and does not cause any kind of  discoloration.

It will offer durable protection to the exterior of your vehicle against rust. In addition to rustproofing treatments, we also perform mechanical inspections.

Rustproofing Treatment Blainville

Long-term protection against salt, sand and corrosion

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  • Automobile repair and maintenance
  • Winter tire fittings
  • Rustproofing treatments
  • Commercial Fleet Maintenance
  • Engine Diagnosis
  • Exhaust System Repair
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Our automobile workshop is in Mirabel, a few minutes away from Saint-Jerome and Blainville.


We can apply the rustproofing coating to various components such as :

  • The roof;
  • The hood;
  • The doors;
  • The grille;
  • Trunk;
  • The fenders;
  • The fairing;
  • The bumpers.

The product we use penetrates deeply into all the spaces and joints of your car's body. It settles in humid areas and forms a malleable membrane that does not peel off.

The coating settles in the wet areas and forms a malleable membrane that does not peel off


Rustproofing Treatment Mirabel

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