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Windscreen repair and replacement services - Mirabel

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Based in Mirabel, close to Blainville and St-Jerome, Complexe Automobile MS specializes in windscreen repairs and replacements.

A Reliable Repair Service

We repair your car’s windscreen if:

  • The damage doesn’t affect the driver’s field of vision;
  • The crack is at least 10 cms from the edge of the windscreen;
  • The crack is less than 30 cms in diameter;
  • Your vehicle’s windscreen came as standard.

We can help you save time and money by dealing with your insurance claim.

Windscreen Repair Services Blainville

We can help you save time and money by dealing with your insurance claim

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Our automobile workshop is in Mirabel, a few minutes away from Saint-Jerome and Blainville.

Masters of
Replacing Windscreens

If repairs prove impossible because the crack in your vehicle’s windscreen is too significant, we can replace it with an identical model. Changing your old windscreen is a three-stage process. First, we begin by removing the joints and fixing clips.

Then, we take out the windscreen and prepare the soldered border. Last, we place the new windscreen and make sure it’s well-secured. Aside from windscreen repairs and replacements, we also offer brake maintenance services.

We replace your old windscreen with an identical model


Windscreen Repair Services Mirabel

We repair and replace the windscreens

of various types of vehicles (city cars, sedans, coupes, station wagons, minivans...).